At CARE Foundation, Inc., we believe it is important to protect the privacy and confidences of our customers. This notice is intended to explain to you how we collect, use, and protect any information we may collect about you. It will also explain the choices you may make about the use of that information.

What Information Do We Collect About You?

We collect certain types of personal information about you. This may consist of, but is not limited to:

1. Your name, address, and telephone number.
2. Your email address.
3. Your financial information required to process payments.

We collect technical information that may be used to trace and track access and your use of our system, detecting potential abuse. This may consist of, but is not limited to:

4. Your Internet Protocol Address and domain name, the time of your visit, the number of attempts of username/password entry, and the pages of our site you visit.

We collect the data you submit to store in our database. This may consist of, but is not limited to:

5. Clinical information related to your pet/patient, along with the user and the time the information is submitted.

We collect the first three types of information upon your registering to access the RESPOND™ Database. The fourth and fifth types of information are stored automatically when you access the RESPOND™ Database.

How Do We Use This Information?

We use the personal information we collect for a few limited purposes. One such purpose is to respond to any questions you may send electronically. Another purpose is to send occasional reminders to you to update any information you have provided to the Database.

We use the information collected automatically for administrative and technical purposes, such as to determine the number of visitors to our site, determine the most popular pages, and to help with system maintenance.

Information regarding your pet/patient and his/her healthy status or disease will only be used for investigational purposes in an anonymous format. Your or your pet’s name or contact information will not be included in published materials. Our sponsors may wish to contact you with information regarding new pet products or medications. If you do not wish to be contacted by our sponsors or affiliates, please indicate so when you register to enter data.

Your financial information will never be shared with third parties and is removed from our system as soon as payments are confirmed.

Your Right to See and Correct Information

If you wish to see the information we collect about you in area 1, 2, and 3 above, please contact the CARE Foundation, Public Information Department. If you feel that any of the personal information or the pet/patient information is incorrect, please send any corrections to us at the address below. We will either update your information or include your correction with any information we store or use.

Your Right to Opt Out

If we are collecting information about you (area 1, 2, and 3) that you do not wish us to have, use, or share, please let us know by identifying yourself and sending us the “Opt out Form” (below) or equivalent direction in a letter or email.

Children's Policy

We do not knowingly collect information from children under the age eighteen (18). We delete any information that we discover has been provided by children. We do not knowingly include any information on this site that we consider unsuitable for children, but as we do not own the information provided, we cannot guarantee the content thereof.

Security Issues

We make every effort to protect the integrity of your information. Any personal information you enter into online forms or survey will be encrypted. We limit the right of access to your information to employees that need to use the information to respond to or process your request or transaction.

How to Contact Us

If you have questions about our privacy policy, please contact:

CARE Foundation, Inc.
Privacy Policy, Public Information Department
4920 Firestone Dr.
College Station, TX 77845

Opt Out Form

In connection with our website and online services, we collect certain personal information about you. This information consists of your name, address, telephone number, email address, and registration payment processing data.

If you do not wish us to disclose your contact information to our sponsors, we will not do so. Unless and until you exercise your “opt out” rights, we will assume that your are giving us permission to use or disclose information (other than financial) about you or your pet/patient to our sponsors or affiliates.

_____ If you do not wish to receive updates from CARE Foundation regarding animal health, or information regarding your pet's disease, please check here.
_____ If you do not wish to be contacted by our sponsors or other affiliates regarding new products or medications available for your pet, please check here.
_____ If you wish to limit the personal information, please check here, and indicate which data items you'd like to be removed: _______________________________
_____ If you wish to revoke your participation having your personal information removed, please check here. [Note: pet/patient data entered prior to this notice to CARE will remain in the system, but will no longer be associated with you.]